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Artifacts is a full-service creative agency with international reach. We mainly work within the international art market. In case you are looking for a trustworthy and creative partner to spark and realize  engaging creative work, your search is over right now. While collaborating with us, you will find a refreshing synergy between your project and our creative in-house disciplines and therefore are in full control of your project. From copy-writing to print production and from photography to public relations, of course including all the needed technical support. With over 30 years of experience in creative and strategic marketing & PR we can provide a fresh, new and also alternative perspective that empowers excellence. We are full-service but also versatile and small in size with big ideas. From concept creation till final product realization. We have lots of experience and knowledge within the creative market and with our capacities, we can take full control of the creation process and deliver smart and bright strategies, concepts, projects, campaigns, and so much more.The development of art exhibition concepts and the identity and graphic material to support it as well as the total production of art publications for projects or individual artists and the development of publicity material as well as promotional material for exhibition projects or art presentation events, are some examples of challenges we are used to tackle.




Ron Weijers worked as a creative director for over 30 years within the international advertising market, Today his creative and artistic activities are very heterogeneous and do not consist of merely painting, but involve wider dimensions associated with graphic design, drawing, painting, curating, photography, music, public relations, concept & project development, web development and social media are namely areas in which he fills with meaning by way of distinctly recognizable messages, expressing his subtle and involved views of the issues of immediate interest. In this way, he creates an original and distinctly expressive symbiosis, which he brings to life with different concepts and projects carried out internationally. Due to his personal and artistic capacity to communicate and his outstanding organizational skills, he does not present himself as a solo player, but he frequently involves his artistic colleagues as well.

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Just as an indication we added some art related concepts and graphic expressions we created over the past few years.